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O2O: home appliance repair parts beat entrepreneurs
Date:2015-08-19 Count:1052
Just need standardization
The door is not timely, not the price tag, ailment overhaul...... An appliance repair, many consumers a stomach grievances. According to the report released by the China Quality Wan Li promotion will be released in recent years, received a complaint, home appliance repair can be described as the hardest hit".
The pain points is the opportunity. Starting from the second half of last year, the mobile Internet to transform the traditional home appliance repair business project intensive - user online booking, the first time after the line master to repair, service quality evaluation in PP A on a glance. Southern reporter combing the field of venture company has dozens of such as home appliances easily, only repair sinks, universal brother and so on, the first round of financing to get at least tens of millions of yuan.
However, home appliance maintenance is relatively low frequency, not easy to precipitate the user, for its market space, the industry is no lack of voice.
In this regard, Gobi investment partner Xu Chen Nandu reporter analysis, see Haier, the United States, Hisense and other well-known home appliance manufacturers, each year a large piece of budget into the maintenance, market capacity is considerable. Also for the warranty service, at present, most of the manufacturers of the customer service hotline to maintain, cost is quite high, if released to the third-party platform, great opportunity; horizontal comparison is also on-site service massage, nail o2o, although it belongs to the low frequency of a class, but apparently the standardization of the appliance repair to higher, user demand for more rigid, in favor of venture capital is based on these two points to consider.
But the long tail market is not a short-term training, many entrepreneurial team is not only a "betting" appliance repair business. For example, the only repair department, the current expansion of the relatively high frequency of home appliances installation and cleaning services. And easy home appliances business scope is broader, involved in home appliance maintenance, recycling, with the old for new, and so on, and even home appliance repair is not the main push business, maintenance and recycling is the main. "But no matter how, we must have the maintenance business, as the home appliance market service providers, which is the embodiment of professional degree." Li Wei, the founder of light appliances to Nandu reporters.
Fitting to the constraints
O2O services are basically a vertical type of peace, two kinds of play, in the field of home appliance repair is no exception.
"Entrepreneurs know platform more light assets better, but you see Aunt help, beaver home these do service of start-up companies, to check service, establish a brand, who is not the more heavy?" In Li Wei opinion, if people are not the service of their own staff, it is difficult to implement the service requirements in place, so the master of the home appliance must be 100%. Maintenance master about 300, most of the points from the network, after a rigorous assessment, but also to receive a series of training. He told reporters in Nandu, I have not to mention the 2O O, we are the home appliance market service providers."
The only repair department also has self master, but very few, most of the external integration. Founder Zhou Qiao told reporters in Nandu, is based on the user's response to the user's response, what special circumstances can be sent immediately to deal with, but if all the self cost is too high, after all, maintenance is a short season, the season has recruited a lot of people, probably to the off-season will not do any work. He is more inclined to follow the example of BER U, in order to integrate the Internet on the market idle maintenance master resources.
"The original consumer and maintenance master between the chain is too long, we go to the middle, so that both ends docking." Zhou Qiao believes that in the traditional maintenance mode, consumers find the nearest point, network and then call to find a master may not be full-time service, after the two is actually a relatively weak relationship, but the final point will earn maintenance costs nearly 50%; and skip outlets, in fact, according to user needs, directly sent to a nearby master, of course, the premise is to have a rigorous algorithm, combined with the maintenance of the category, brand and past service evaluation and other factors to match. "We as far as possible to reduce the rule of man, rely on the system and platform operation." Zhou Qiao said.
For the two kinds of play, small appropriate steward founder Sang Weiqing put forward a question: the master of accessories from where to come? Now home appliance model is more personalized, model management and control is also more complex, not the authorized network is difficult to get the original parts. "If direct talk with the manufacturers supply fittings, as far as I know, haven't which household electrical appliance enterprises to do so, because dot gain is touched up 'rebel', and manufacturers to protect the original authorization system." He told SMW reporter, this is the little Housekeeper should always didn't touch the industry chain of cause, they to "repair the electronic card" cut into the market, positioning repair advisor to the user, and in this part of the maintenance, or send orders to the manufacturers of the outlets.
In this regard, Li Wei admitted that in the case of the problem on the accessories: negotiations with manufacturers is a long process, in the initial stage can only talk about the maintenance of individual categories and accessories supply, but this is not without a solution, you can buy from the downstream channels, such as manufacturers granted the right of after-sales network and accessories dealers, but the cost is relatively high, the current maintenance service is in limited supply.
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