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Zhaoqing city crystal microelectronics co., LTD is specialized in the development, production and sales of LED digital display and optoelectronic product development, production, sales as one of the high-tech enterprises. Company products are widely used in household appliances, medical devices, commercial electrical, communications equipment, automotive and industrial instrumentation and other fields. Company's production base is located in Huadu District, Guangzhou city. Adjacent to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport and GuangZhou North Railway Station. We have a high quality and rich experience in the technology and management team, with a modern purification of the entire air conditioning production workshop, 5 sets of automatic solid crystal machine and welding machine, 5 sets of all functional computer testing device, and we also have a sound QA laboratory equipment and testing equipment, can provide a complete reliability test: high and low temperature, drop, transportation, corrosion resistance, and aging, etc., to provide customers with reliable products and services.
Since the founding of the company in 2007, we have achieved a steady expansion of the market from a single product to a diversified product field, from the domestic market to the domestic and international markets simultaneously strategic change. Nowadays, the brand has become more and more popular with the industry and the majority of customers recognition and praise, these are from many years we have set up the quality consciousness and service consciousness in the company, and the results are increasingly strengthening.
Enterprise's high-tech, high growth and internationalization is the modernization, scientific management as the guarantee, the crystal microelectronics through these years of efforts, has achieved a number of LED display utility model patents. The internal management system of the enterprise has the effective operating mechanism and the standard. We have a perfect staff training and education system, create a positive corporate culture, so that all kinds of talents and the company has been organically integrated.
For a long time, the crystal microelectronics is committed to building a friendly, win-win partnership. We have established a cooperative relationship with many famous domestic and international enterprises, and share the results of the cooperation and division of labor in the international and domestic famous enterprises. With the high quality customer base, the technical level and the management level of the crystal micro electronics have been promoted, and the competitiveness of enterprises is enhanced.
All of our efforts are derived from a base point, which is our vision: to become China and the world's best electric appliance manufacturers digital display products, the preferred supplier!

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