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Intelligent home appliance industry trends
Date:2015-08-19 Count:1092
The small household electrical appliance exhibition has 5 pavilions, exhibition area of 35000 square meters, more than 700 exhibitors. Display products include ice washing, kitchen appliances, small household appliances, household appliances accessories four categories, nearly 100 seed type. In the professional audience, and organizers expect this year will be more than 8 million visitors to the exhibition, the turnover will exceed 10 billion yuan.
Reporters on the scene saw the show, this is a more obvious highlight, it is a considerable number of small household electrical appliance enterprises to launch a new concept of smart environmental protection and function of new products. Exhibitors believe that smart appliances will be the future trend of development, who will have the opportunity to seize the initiative, who will have the right to speak.
Last year just founded in Zhongshan Amis company, this year to come up with 500000 yuan in the field of small household electrical appliances exhibition built 300 square meters of intelligent water heater Pavilion, featuring 50 variety of smart environmentally friendly products. General manager Ren Yanfeng said, smart home appliances market has just started, it is to see who the first step to the smart real implementation of the product sales, Amis's advantage is that the price ratio.
Shunde Aotai music kitchen appliances each participating this year, pushing the main environmental protection technology and intelligent manufacturing. Deputy general manager Wu Jianjun told reporters, from the exhibitors at the show, the purchase direction in the purchase of change, but also means that the concept of the consumer in the development of change. He said, before the consumer is the first consideration is the price, now more attention to the quality and function of the product itself. Three or four tier cities and the rural market consumer income levels in the growth of household electrical appliances have higher requirements."
In the line of spot trading make bullish sentiment
Yesterday at 9 o'clock in the morning, around the Huangpu International Convention and Exhibition Center is heavy traffic, parking a hard to come by, five hall is packed. Held for many years still bullish sentiment, which and Huangpu town home appliance industry manufacturing base and Huicong network appliances online trading platform depth with has the very big relations. In the exhibition site, buyers fancy a home appliance products, you can order and complete the transaction directly online, the manufacturers do not rest assured, but also can go to the factory to see the nearest.
Both newcomers to the Ames, general manager of Ren Yanfeng, or each session does not fall under the AOTAILE deputy general manager Wu Jianjun, laments this year the home appliance market difficult to do business, on the one hand, our country home appliance countryside policy end, on the other hand, the real estate market in the doldrums, and operating costs continue to rise, exports are sluggish and the influence of many factors, let them not too optimistic that the market this year.
But they believe that, despite the stimulus has been withdrawn, but the pace of urbanization is accelerating, the home appliance industry, the new demand for urbanization will be the opportunity to promote the growth of home appliances, but also to accelerate the pace of product upgrading. Exhibitors are responsible for the person, from "people to Japanese berserk toilet cover" sufficient proof that Chinese manufacturing enterprises should make the product more personalized, allow a service more humane, the brand to foreign markets, domestic consumers at home.
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