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Home appliances also "raise public" to buy?
Date:2015-08-19 Count:1000
1 yuan to buy air conditioning? This summer, Suning and Galanz with all raise 1 yuan to buy air-conditioning, is divided into 5 files with investment, 1 yuan lottery stalls, 999 yuan shocking file, 2399 yuan buying file, 2599 yuan affordable file and 2799 yuan PFP file, the participation of users will not only access to value-added services, there will be opportunity to win the Provence Tour ". Intelligent tea table, smart frequency conversion washing machine, smart socket and other smart appliances...... Now the public to raise the platform for all kinds of household electrical appliances to raise a variety of types, can be said that only you can not think of, no you can not see.
It is understood that the current threshold of home appliance products to raise public money from a piece of money to tens of dollars, hundreds of dollars or more, depending on the amount of the corresponding return, this way is usually less than the market price will be lower. After a year of development, the congregation raised to buy home appliances, has become one of the important ways to push the brand of home appliances brand, poly popularity, raise funds.
With the purchase is different, home appliances are not available for the public to raise the product, consumers can put forward their views on the performance of new products or services. This provides a platform for a lot of specific needs and customization demands. Reporters in the "roll call time found a desktop class intelligent watering device" flower white, according to the product function description, it achieves the Wi Fi network, APP anywhere view love planting condition, cloud computing analysis, intelligent watering. "Accurate record data, more interactive online, make green long, life more interesting." In addition to the perceptual marketing, product parameters, R & D team, the progress of the project is on the same page to cover all at one glance. During the product of all the chips, can be carried out on the performance of the watering device according to their own needs to optimize. For example, users "Amme" proposal to "spend little white" all parts are made of modular design, the development team immediately and the interaction: "although it is very difficult, we will try to do this experiment."
Reporters from the current public to raise success of small appliances found in the project, the United States, Haier, Little Swan and other brands of home appliances are relatively popular with consumers, air conditioning, refrigerators, washing machines and other household electrical appliance products relatively small household electrical appliances, the majority of the investment is still in the initial price of 1 yuan, while air purifier, intelligent electronic equipment, accessories category popular. Since this year, many household electrical appliance enterprises joint Jingdong, Ali, Suning Tesco and other electronic business platform launched several rounds of home appliances to raise public. Very unpopular in the first half of a household electrical appliance all projects to raise is Jingdong all the raised platform Ilett "WiFi man" smart electric rice cooker, on line 5 days after, it exceeded 100 peoples to raise the amount and refresh the small household electrical appliances fastest break millions of public record to raise. Subsequently, in just 27 days time, the congregation raised the amount of 10000000 yuan, is 500 times the original congregation raised targets. Has been involved in Ilett "WiFi man" intelligent electric cooker all raise our city citizen Mr. Jiang, then spent 299 yuan is realized using a mobile phone to cook ", he thinks that is a very cost-effective to buy.
According to the current home appliance products raise public practice, the congregation raised more than the threshold, all the chips to be considered successful, purchased the tickets for the funds will be transferred to the entrepreneurs of the project, to achieve the production of new products and complete pre order. Otherwise all the chips if not successful, have to pay the money needed to return to pre order supporters. According to industry insiders, do not look at the product may only raise a few tens or hundreds of yuan, or even a dollar, there is a certain risk. In addition to the public to raise money encounter delays in the receipt of goods, products and get expected inconsistent or crudely made may also occur. First, choose a strong operational capability, the formal qualification of the congregation raised platform, domestic currently more popular and sought after by the public to raise public platform to raise the public to raise public network, Taobao congregation raised, the time and the congregation raised network, etc., these platforms will be raised in the early stage of the project audit. Secondly, we need to check the relevant information of the brand and the progress of the project, and confirm the delivery time.
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