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DVD audio amplifier
Date:2015-08-19 Count:1093

For low-cost speakers, recommended impedance is 8 ohms or more in and around the box, the theory should be with the main speakers are the same, but taking into account the actual situation of ordinary consumers, such as conditions permit, suggest you had better choose and main speaker with a brand of mid and ring around the box.
 If the budget is limited, inexpensive domestic famous speaker manufacturers choose central also have not cannot, such as HP small cyclones, Macao whales. Second, power amplifier to buy common power amplifier is divided into category A and B class and the class B, which category A (Class A) amplifier has the advantages is no crossover distortion and distortion switch, and harmonic components is mainly the even harmonics, listening sense on bass thick, alto supple warm, clear sound neat, the level of good sense, very congenial people like. But due to the Class-A power amplifier is inefficient, high cost of the machine, and the device long-term work in the current high temperature, easily lead to * and other aspects of life, people mostly some qualifications of the older fans. Class AB amplifier (also known as class AB) in the low level driver amplifier for work in the CPI, when raising the electric drive usually turned for class B work. The advantages of class AB amplifier is it than CPI improves the efficiency, although the distortion is larger than the CPI. However, sample is still the most widely used transistor power amplifier, AV Amplifier and most of the class A and B design, we in the purchase of AV Amplifier in addition to the outside of the attention should be paid to the output power should also consider the size of its output current, the theory, the output current is bigger, better control of the speakers, the index of power amplifier in the signal to noise ratio is refers to, also known as the signal to noise ratio, signal the useful components and noise intensity contrast, often with decibels said. The higher the signal to noise ratio of the device, the less the noise produced by the device. The signal to noise ratio of home audio and video equipment should be at least 90dB above. The nominal power of the amplifier is generally expressed in W, but it should be noted that the nominal condition: if 8, 100W (A RMS), if the 6 100W (A RMS) is more than the nominal. This point should cause the attention of consumption. Currently on the market AV amplifier is still dominated by Japanese brands, such as MARANTZ (MARANTZ), SONY (SONY), Teac (first sound), Denon (Dragon), Onkyo (ONKYO), etc., with the price of individual quality, function and other differences are not great, Guan Jian is in the sound box and the choice of the direction of the. Europe and the United States AV equipment is more expensive, the market is also very rare and the cost is not high, in this will not do the recommendation. It is worth mentioning that the recent domestic brands AV amplifier in the quality and sound have been greatly improved, and the high cost, it is worth noting that the domestic brands have Zhong Shen, Spark and Ko song, etc.. Third, sound (shadow) source now mainstream cinema source still to DVD players mainly, because the Japanese brand DVD in the technology is more mature and in picture quality with the price of imported brands of DVD confidential superior than the domestic brand DVD machine. Comparison of "DVDAUDIO" shadow some sources can be compatible with the new generation of audio format DVD-audio "" or SACD ", no matter you are is not the fan, I do not agree to buy the compatible machine, one is the cost increase, the second is due to the disc source is scarce and expensive, because" the DVD-audio "and" SACD "is a new generation of pure audio format. In the DVD player is compatible with the format is only one of the selling points, whether in the process and the sound quality is not special or SACD" compared to if you want to in the AV system both enjoy music, that in the current view or alone to buy a pure CD reason. But to look at the equipment level, market a thousand multivariate CD whether imported or domestically, with replay DVD CD sound quality compared and will not bring you too much of a surprise, the price of about 3000 have many choices of models. Browse videos of the hands of the DVD due to the key technology is still in the hands of some foreign manufacturers and technology has been very mature, therefore, it is recommended that you buy such as Sony, pioneer, Panasonic, Toshiba, Philips, Yamaha and other imported brands of DVD machine, at the time of purchase should also pay attention to avoid duplication of investment, because now the AV Amplifier with DD and DTS double decoding system. Therefore, in the purchase of DVD machine can do not have to buy with double decoding machine, and Kara OK function, pictures and so on, none of these function means dish machine cost reduced to buy DVD machine as long as the painting surface satisfaction is the greatest success, do not blindly pursue some dispensable. Save money to buy his CD function to enjoy at home, or buy some wire to the deployment of equipment. Finally, I would also like to here mention commonplace equipment collocation problem: some friends often attaches great importance to quality of a single piece of equipment, but ignored the personality of the high-quality equipment, like the tone of the more neutral friend, his sound box bottom note partial thin, then in the match to find some thick sound (such as Marantz) amplifier to drive to each other. Otherwise sound of the speakers at the end of partial thickness, find some high-frequency relatively bright and the power amplifier to drive (such as dragon), and if he is like thick voice or partial light tone. So it is necessary to according to personal taste, careful deployment, in the matching process also involves the micro adjustment of the equipment of the power source, wire, speakers such as horse, some enthusiasts set equipment after continuously adjust the years to find the relatively satisfied with the color and sound. This is also the "fever" where the fun. The influence of many factors, such as wire, listening to music and so on, is also very important.
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