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How to buy a speaker and amplifier
Date:2015-08-19 Count:1061
Home theater has gradually become the main force of a household electrical appliance industry, I believe there are many many wage earners and ordinary people, also want to in her spare time a cup of wine, tours a large, listening to a beautiful song. If you want to buy a home stereo or home theater, but not very understanding market these Lin Lang full of products, this paper might just give you some help. AV and HIFI home theater, also known as the AV center, "AV" A is the Audio (audio), V is Viden (video), AV system is a replay of the audio and video signal as the primary prerequisite to configure. Whether hifi or AV, they although a common point is replay software, and must be to maximize the highly accurate fidelity. Is the AV compatible with the HIFI (high fidelity replay system)? This problem has troubled many audio enthusiasts even fancier. In fact as early as in 1994 just emerging AC3 (Dolby digital surround system, also known as DD), Dolby Laboratories that speakers of AC3 system has a is unmatched: for the replay signal has a high degree of consistency and sound to dye orientation, should be at least five identical can replay 20Hz, 20kHz full band sound box, respectively, for the mid, the front and the rear. At least one of the following signal replay ability of the 30HZ is a heavy bass sound box. Today, to meet the requirements of the sound box and less, in the civilian audio products, even if you find a real 20HZ - 20KHZ signal ability of the speaker, the price will probably make you stunned! Relative to the Dolby laboratory, HIFI is not an organization, the HIFI system has never been to a set of equipment to have any requirements or specifications. That is to say, whether you have what kind of stereo mic what, as long as you think it is HIFI, it is HIFI. So, before we buy Audio products, we must understand that a substantial problem: AV HIFI requirements are much higher, the cost is much higher. Home theater and hifi did not exist compatible with no problem, because the hifi enthusiasts to music replay of the requirements is to try to "original, high fidelity" and the AV is on the whole system have a standard, and on the swing position than the dual channel hifi system more difficult to adjust. So, your AV system, or the need to buy the home theater is really in the Dolby lab requirements? If it is not up to the requirements of the Dolby lab, at least there should be an authorization for the Dolby test. This is actually a compromise, the sound itself is a compromise! Even if we know that we're not buying a home from home, it's not a real family cinema. Some friends will say: I do not need so professional. In fact, you do not know, AC3, DTS is professional theater design and development, thx more to the system and the environment have a very professional requirements, is currently the world with thx certified cinema but Baishi home only. Visible, want to play good AV and unlike some of the early burn imagination so simple and easy, there is no a few enthusiasts have listening environment conditions required by DTS and thx standard, now called the most home theater with really thx, DTS, AC3 separated very far, our family influence is only some surround sound effect. I am not a professional, but in the question: in the end you can compromise to what extent? What kind of distortion can you accept? If you buy a theater just to act as a facade, I advise you to give it up, because the cost is not as much as you buy a piano seems more taste. If you buy, collocation, the brand is not enough to understand, then the following I will teach you how to buy movie theater. One, teach you choose speakers can not be denied, in the history of the development of today's audio equipment speakers has been the most backward in power amplifier and audio. In terms of current technology for "high fidelity" and it is just the meaning of "relatively high fidelity". In the complete set of equipment, the biggest distortion is the speaker. The speaker vibrating basin in the power amplifier current generated by the vibration of air, so we can hear the sound, but the vibrating basin will produce high harmonic distortion and movement of some brief sound serious, this distortion called transient distortion, relatively speaking, the transient response of the bookshelf box is significantly better than the floor speaker, but the disadvantages of small bookshelf box is dynamic and the momentum of reproducing music is far less than the floor speaker to the fierce regret, speaker speaker unit and some landing box will often use several small size instead of a large caliber with the advantages of integrated small bookshelf box and landing box to improve the quality of reproduction of sound from each other. But the quality of the power amplifier has a direct impact on the replay quality of the loudspeaker, experienced enthusiasts often is like building a house the same according to the selected speakers (just like the house foundation) to build the whole audio system, not only the scientific and reasonable, but also less many detours so as to save the cost of replacement. In the low price, the bookshelf box with respect to the landing box because it is easy to drive and is suitable for ordinary families listening environment and become a lot of fans on the preferred theory, listen to sound area if twenty square meters in the following best should choose the bookshelf box is appropriate, because I had to take an examination room into account the standing wave reverberation problem, if the speaker is too large, standing wave is heavier, then reproduced voice will be a total mess. If you hear the sound area of twenty square meters or more, it should be taken into account the landing box or large shelf box is appropriate. Regardless of room
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